What does your yoga practice say about you?


Whenever I see myself practicing yoga in photos or videos, whether at home, in workshops, retreats, in studio or for a photo shoot, I always zone in on my facial expressions, my body position, the light around me, the light flowing from me. I always ask myself “What does my yoga say about me? What story does it tell about where I am in my life at this moment.”

I ask this because, to me, yoga, this practice, is about what is radiating, blossoming from each of us at that present moment. Who are we and who are we becoming as we allow the practice to grow us? It’s a picture in time of the present and the possibilities. So, if that’s the case, how often do you come to your practice fresh, releasing the old and stale “what was” and ready to explore new territory? I hope the answer is “always”. But, we’re in this thing together and I know that “always” is not the regular case.

So maybe the next time you roll out your mat, you decide to take a moment. No really, take a real moment. Decide that this is the first time you’ve stepped onto a mat (at least today) and allow whatever wants to shine through (or shadow through) to do what it do. This is your time, dedicated to allowing whatever love or nonsense that shows up to have it’s day and to either release it or cherish it.

If you or someone were to take a photo of you during your practice, what would the caption read? For some of us, this is a really hard question, because the answer could be frightening or enlightening. Both, amazing people, are perfect! It means you’re growing and beginning to have a conversation with your body, mind, and spirit about how you will flow, serve, and light this world up! Sounds good to me.

About Tracye

Known for her motivational mantras and joyful practice, Tracye Warfield puts the play in yoga and yummy food. Tracye began practicing yoga in 1999, when she first hobbled onto the mat after a long and achy marathon. Ten years later, she walked away from a successful career in corporate America to start living the life she was meant to live. Currently, she teaches Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Hatha, and Pilates in studio classes, workshops, online, with private clients, and at her bytracye yoga.yummy food retreats throughout the U.S. and internationally.

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