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Yoga Power Activate! Yoga Journal Live New York

Last week my Dad had his second stroke in two months in the middle of the night. He wasn’t expected to survive.  This stroke was in the right brain, while his last (‘big one” as the doctor’s called it) was in the left. With the somber news, I flew to Tennessee not knowing what to expect, hoping for the best, and refusing to fear the worst (because, you know, fear is a liar and all). When I arrived to the ICU, he was sitting up in his bed, having just finished his dinner, listening to a room full of family and friends talk about the miracle that he was. Unbelievable!  For the next four days, my family sat vigil at the hospital and watched as he quickly improved and was sent to a rehabilitation center to continue treatment.

YogaGlyphs “YOGA” sweatshirt. Photo by Bruce Dunkins
Tracye Warfield, Rodney Yee, and Colleen Saidman Yee. Photo by Bruce Dunkins











Joyous about my father’s recovery but bone tired, I flew back to New York, just in time to teach my weekend classes and to catch a bit of the New York Yoga Journal Conference. And, I’m so glad that I did. I was lifted the moment I walked in the door as Bruce (my personal paparazzi and love of my life) and I met up with yogini friends Julia Coney of and Tressa Fulton and dove in.

What an energizing, inspiring, uplifting day of all things yoga! I ran into more friends, students, a couple of Yee’s, learned a bunch about essential oils, the Chill Pill, aromatherapy and my chakras, and busted Hanumanasana (full split) in the center of the room!

You see, even through the fog of my physical and emotional exhaustion there was this wonderful practice. It had been there in the form of a lotus pose and victorious breath in a hospital room chair next to my Dad’s bed as he slept. It was there with sun salutations in my parents’ home to bring in a new healing day before heading back out to the hospital. It was there with a headstand to flip it all upside down and see things for what they really were – just fine! And here it was again, to brighten my day (even through sleepy eyes). How cool is yoga? Pretty cool, I say. Here’s to the power of yoga!

Photo by Bruce Dunkins


Photo by Bruce Dunkins


Photo by Bruce Dunkins
Yoginis at play! Photo by Bruce Dunkins
Julia Coney of, Tracye Warfield, and Tressa Fulton
Photo by Bruce Dunkins
Tracye Warfield and Alden Conant of Yoga Journal Magazine. Photo by Bruce Dunkins
Photo by Bruce Dunkins
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