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Who Would You Be If You Decided To Go For It?

“I would love to travel, but I’m afraid.”

I’ve been on a Uber roll lately.  And the other day, my driver asked me about where my travels have taken me over the years.  After I enthusiastically shared (dreaming about where to next!), she made the above statement, to which I replied:

Wow! little fear sucks, huh? Where would you go if it wasn’t such a hater?

She laughed. And then proceeded to tell me all of about her alter ego who travels the U.S. and maybe even the whole world. Her voice brightened up and I promise, a whole new person appeared before my eyes. I smiled.

Isn’t it funny how when we let go and imagine ourselves in the lead role of our Awesome Life, how we light up? How incredible that we can actually put ourselves right in the thick of the good stuff, in our minds. Whether it’s travel, that next big gig, that amazing love, that PhD, and the list goes on, we can day dream all day. But, what if we can really do all of that…

Well, you can.

Now, what it will take is looking little fear right in the eyes as you boldly make the decision to start. Not just to dream, but to start. Decide that the person in the day dream is real and is you. All you have to do is decide to go for it. The good news is that you can’t say “yes” in your head (which is deciding) and be afraid at the same time. They don’t exist in the same space. Love it!

Next, to keep that day dream vivid create your own Vision Board (Click here and I’ll show you how!), Create a framework or a Road Map for what you really want to achieve and who you want to serve (Click here and you can download one for free), and then go for it!

There will ups, downs, sidetracks, and bumps for sure. But I can tell you, it’s so worth it when you’re finally living the life you imagine. Plus, me and the rest of the Big Life Livers out here are all pom poms up cheering for you! And if you need an extra boost, you can just play my Thursday Thought 1 Minute inspiration vid whenever you need a boost:

Take minute and leave a comment below. I wanna know all about the person you’re becoming and the actions you’re taking!

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