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Who Are You Serving?

Think about it.

When you set your resolutions, or better yet, your intentions for this New Year, did you stop and think about who they would serve?

That is, who will you serve, besides you?

Take another little looksy. When you read it or them, does your mind go directly to who might be lifted because of what you’re doing or who you’re becoming? Can you envision the positive impact?

Perhaps you’re thinking “Well, me losing 20 pounds and eating better, impacts me. So what’s your point?” Stop. Go deeper. Yes, you’ll lose that weight (and you will!) and you’ll feel and look more vibrant. But go deeper. You’ll also be able to play and keep up with your toddler, spend more time volunteering, go dancing with your significant other, without feeling exhausted all of the time.

Service to others is at the core of living your Awesome Life. Because, well, we’re really just on this big ol’ planet to give to and love each other. And, yet, sometimes, the distraction of social media, venti lattes, and fancy yoga pants distract us from that.

Service is that thing that rockets your goals, dreams, and plans forward.The Universe is all like “Oh! So you want someone else to get all happy and benefit from your plans? Well, hell yes! I’m all about it!” 

So, take another glance. Do your intentions start with service? Are you showing up and giving it all that you’ve got in this moment so that you and the rest of the world can grow, glow, and flow in all of the best ways. Evaluate and, perhaps, update. Go deeper.


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