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Want To Laugh More? Do This!

Laughter is a practice. Let me rephrase that. Laughter should be a practice – -a daily practice. Wouldn’t it be great if we were taught to practice laughing just like when we first learned to walk, count to 10, wave hello and goodbye? It would be just that thing that you do because you need to. You know, that thing that helps you not to fall down or freak out or to detach yourself from this moment of life. You know, it would be like a life saver. No! Even better, it would be like a life booster!

When my brother was a toddler, I would come home from college and literally do my best to make him laugh forever. He would laugh so richly that his whole body would shake from joy. It was a squeal times a thousand and it was the most addictive thing I’d ever heard. It literally became a part of my visits to practice making him laugh…so that I would laugh too. It was the perfect instant happiness drug and a reminder that all really was well.

Why don’t we laugh more?

If it truly is this Awesome, feel good, right in the present moment of love and life juice, why not? Maybe you do? Or, maybe you feel like the laughter gets lost in navigating the day-to-day of all things Earth? I get that. We’ve all become very serious about our lives. We are very adult. We are handling our business. And, we aren’t having any fun. Snore.

Practice is the key! Get your laugh back through daily practice.

You can decide to get your laughter back through practice. Yep, it’s time to exercise that muscle each day and watch how it helps to change your mind about your mind. Here are a few ways to get started:

  • Play with your kids, nieces, nephews, etc. Kids are a walking laugh track. And, they are still connected to their truest, happy self. Spend just a few minutes (or more) blowing bubbles, running around in circles, or letting them tell you a joke.
  • Listen to a funny podcast or read a good book. I’ve got my favorite, hilarious authors and motivators on rotate. I get in at least 5 minutes a day cracking up AND getting inspired.
  • Get some sun. Hello, Vitamin D! Sunshine lifts our mood and makes most of us more inclined to, well, smile.
  • Just start laughing. Yes, you may indeed feel silly. And if others see you, they may think you’re silly. But, so what! Once you start laughing, I guarantee you won’t stop. Try it!

What we practice we do. If we practice a joy, we live joy. Show up for your laughter practice each day and watch it change the way you see your life.

Stay tuned for my upcoming book  Breathe Big Live Big “A Starter Guide For Your Awesome Life!”  Summer 2017.

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