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Want To Create Your Most Awesome Life? Do These 15 Things!

Ask for what you want and for what you know in your heart is true. Show up. Love. Then allow and watch your magic happen!

Here’s how to jumpstart your Awesome Life journey:

  1. Dream big and take action. Each day, take one step to move yourself further along your path and toward your goals. Even the smallest steps count and can lead to big leaps in time.
  2. Define your purpose. Tell yourself and the Universe where you want to go, who you want to go with, and who you want to serve. No purpose? No direction.
  3. Design your Vision Board. Paint the boldest, brightest picture of your Awesome Life and put it on walls, screen savers, and wherever you look.
  4. Create your Roadmap. This is key. You have to know where you’re going. Plot out the journey and wrap your focus around the details of getting there.
  5. Prepare your body for the journey. Get moving! Work, respect, and love your temple of a body. You need all of your strength and flexibility to share your talents and gifts and to deal with detours and roadblocks.
  6. Count on your Rockstar Peeps. Pom poms up for the people you already know and will meet along the way who will encourage, console, teach, and love you.
  7. Sit. Get Still. Breathe. Ask for guidance. It’s a practice that has changed my life and it will yours if you do just that – -practice.
  8. Drop what’s holding you back. Release those things, people, and situations that are toxic and you know do not serve your journey.
  9. Get your head right about the value of money. Dive into your believes about money and start to wrap your head around how it impacts the quality of your journey and ability to serve and share with others.
  10. Know your power. Remember that you were born fearless and made to soar in this life.
  11. Release the struggle. Know that what you believe is what will be. What you think, you will do. Decided to let go of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. You don’t have to carry them.
  12. Let doubt and little fear ride along. Don’t waste your time trying to block out the voices. Let them come, as long as they keep quiet and keep their hater energy to themselves. Continue to take action, breathe like a champ, and watch your light shine brighter.
  13. I deserve it! Get used to saying it. All day, every day.
  14. Be grateful. You are already tremendously blessed. Really, you are! Take inventory of all that you have in your life today. Be sure to share the I love yous and thank yous freely.
  15. Quitting is not an option. Never give up. Fall down, get back up. Take a break, but come back after your 15 minutes. Never give up. There’s too much at stake. This is your life and you’re building your dream. You can do it!

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