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This Is Your Wake Up Call: Move On!

I’ve had a rough few months, to say the least. It’s been one of those life stretches where, if you’re human, you start to convince yourself that there’s a bottomless pit of fantastically dark drama and despair reserved just for you.

“Really. This is how it’s going down? Thank you, no thank you Universe. This sucks weeds!”

In the midst of a complete meltdown one night, I called my mom. Now, let’s just say that as much as I love my mother, I don’t usually call her in crying hysterics about my life. We mostly have Merry Christmas, how are you, how’s Dad, how’s Diva (their terrier “child”), type conversations. But, recently hysterics had become a recurring, sad theme. I would call. She would answer. I would choke out “Mom” and the rest would be a blurr of heaving, blubbering nonsense. Total. Hot. Mess. But, she was there for me in that moment. That is, she was there for me until she apparently had and heard enough.

“Move on!”

Back to meltdown central. “I’m going to give you some tough love. Move on.”I heard my mom say, in a not so quiet whisper. You see, I’d called her while she and my Dad were attending a funeral. She was doing her best to be present for me, while mourning the loss of a friend. “Move on! This is not you and enough is enough. MOVE ON! I’ll call you tomorrow.”she said before she hung up. Sniff, sniff. Wait. What? That was it. I was falling down and all I got was a very sound thrashing of “Move on”? Totally not fair. But, absolutely right on the money. Those words were just what I needed to hear to change my mind about my mind in that moment. Don’t get me wrong, I was still in a teary, mascara smudged, ball on the floor, but somehow it shook me. Move on. Move on. Move on!

As we walk through this Awesome Life, the Universe is constantly not so quietly whispering and sometimes yelling directions on how to thrive, persevere, and lead more abundant, drama-free lives. But, if we’re not mindfully sitting, breathing and asking for guidance we’ll let little, and what we perceive to be massive, bumps in the road send us into the land of hysterics for way too long. It’s not a good look. My mom’s wake up call was a, not so gentle, but much needed alarm. It was time to move on, get off the curb, and get back on the road.

We are not defined by where we are in time, but by who were are at our divine core and by what we are capable of becoming. 

I am heeding my mother’s advice one mini breath at a time, because that’s how it works. We are in a moment in time. And time moves on. We are not stuck and this moment will cease to exist. Our lives change every moment and we can decide to wrap our arms around the change and welcome it to the family, or we can resist and buddy up to little fear, believing our lives can’t get any better than the current nightmare or amazing joy we are currently living in. I choose even more joy, one breath at a time.

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