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My Tried and True “Rock Your Day” Recipe

Want to rock your day? Easy! Start with this:

  • Wake up. Say “Thank you. Today’s the best day of my life!” Gratitude is EVERYTHING!
  • Actually get up and out of bed. Seriously, get up. No snooze buttons allowed.
  • Put on your workout or “move your body” clothes immediately. Because, if you pause or hesitate, it won’t happen. This, I know.
  • Water + Water. Instead of coffee first (Note: I love coffee), drink two glasses of water.
  • One mug really good black coffee. Because, for me, coffee is nature’s gift.
  • Write your goals + your “To Thrive” list. I write my big, rockstar goals everyday, followed by my 3-5 To Thrive massive action items I will get at to manifest said goals.
  • Move your body. For me, that means yoga, a run, a hike, a swim, a long walk…It doesn’t matter just move.
  • Sit. Meditate. Chill out, close your eyes and let the quiet, the answers, the directions come.
  • Eat real, whole food for breakfast. Ahem…eat breakfast! You need that energy to get it going!
  • Set an intention. You’ve got your gratitude mind in check, body on full tilt boogie, got your goals, your “To Thrive” list. Take one last minute to decide how you want to show up in the world today and who you want to serve.

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