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Top 3 Reasons to Practice Yoga at Home

Aside from the fact that it’s really, and I mean really, cold, snowy and slushy in New York right now, there are so many other reasons to stay in, clear a little space and start to develop your own personal yoga practice at home.

1. You get to come just as you are. There’s no rummaging through your “fancy yoga pants” drawer required. It’s a roll out of bed, throw on whatever you like (or leave on your PJs for that matter), brush your teeth, sip a half a cup of coffee or tea and get on the mat kind of thing. There’s no dress code because nobody’s watching! Ok, maybe your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/family/etc. but they’ve seen you in those ragged genie pants and your “vintage” 2008 NYC Marathon tank before so who really cares, right? The point is that maybe at home, without a studio wall-to-wall mirror and twenty other people, there’s an opportunity to let the ego have a fit that you, perhaps (or maybe it’s just me 😉 ) look a fiery hot mess and couldn’t care less. You’re practicing yoga. Om shanti.

2. You discover your own flow. “You gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,” right? With a home practice you get to choreograph your own dance and enjoy the party without letting the ego get you all revved up because you’re not in that back bend with your leg up in the air thingy of a pose. “But what if I don’t know what to do or how to start?”, you say. I hear you! Try starting your practice standing or seated with eyes closed. Tune into your breath. Tune into your body and ask it what it needs. No, really I’m serious, ask! You might be surprised and get a response. Set an intention or dedication. Then, perhaps, kick things off with a few Sun Salutations. From there, it’s all yours to play. If you need a few pointers or direction as you first begin, a private session with your yoga instructor might help. Click here to get info on private yoga bytracye. And you can also check out my quick Sun Salutation breakdown for here.

3. You get it in. With dedicated practice comes, you guessed it, a dedicated practice. As long as you have your body’s length and width in floor space somewhere in your house or apartment you’re good to go. A mat really is optional fanciness. Ideally, it would be great to have a separate, quiet, beautifully designed yoga space where no one in your family could interrupt by asking where they could find their other sock (Again, that might be my world.), but you don’t need that. At home, and especially before work, school, and the rest, you get the chance to “get it in” and take a dose of all the good physical, mental, and spiritual vibes this practice brings to those who, you guessed it, practice!

Would love to hear how you work your home practice or questions about getting started in the comments below!

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