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To Thrive v. To Do

This is your moment. Rock it like you mean it!

Awhile back, I decided to trash my “To Do” lists. They weren’t working. They were neat and all (actually not that neat) and I had lots of check marks and slashes through tasks. I was so WINNING at “To Do’s” I thought. Yes! But, no. I was actually winning at To Do-ing a bunch of nothing that wasn’t bringing me any closer to living and sharing my most awesome life. Just a bunch of check marks. A lot of “small stuff” and lots of “Why am I not delegating this to someone…anyone?” types. You know the stuff. Snore.I was overwhelmed and frustrated. And my sleepless nights, my “dial-it-in,”, spiritless classes, arguments with Bruce Almighty about everything, my dwindling bank account, my deteriorating physical health, and my inability to catch my breath told me that I was headed in the wrong direction. Can anyone feel me on this? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s ever felt like they were sinking into the depth of the “To Do” list ocean. This was absolutely not what I had planned when I packed up and decided to change my life all of those years ago.

I was up to nothing. A whole hell of a lot of nothing. I needed a new plan. One that did not require a two-page, catch all list of whatever. And so, hand to heart and hand to belly, with eyes closed, I got back to the breath. “What do I need to do?” “What do I want to do?” “What will it take to rock this life?” “What will it take to Thrive?” Wait, what? “What will it take to Thrive?” Yes, that was it. I didn’t just want “To Do” I wanted to Thrive. So, why not change not only my mind, but my priorities to match my vision.

I decided to create my new and improved “To Thrive” list. What types of things, experiences, and other such magnificent better than “stuff” goes on the “To Thrive” list? Think big picture. Think life goals. Think purpose statement. Think life purpose. You don’t have one, you say? You’re not sure? Well, if you want to share your most vibrant light and rock this awesome life, it’s time to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and start to speak your heart’s truth. This is your “To Thrive” starting point.I’ve shared my latest purpose statement below. I say “latest” because it has and will continue to evolve as I do. It’s in “Flow” in the best of ways.

“I live a life focused on receiving and sharing love, abundance, and light. A life that inspires and uplifts others to manifest and share their best lives.”

Changing your mind and your priorities from what you “have to do” to “what you want to do & what serves your purpose” will change your whole life. No, seriously! It will make you stop and think about the time and effort you choose to put into things. It will keep you bright, full of breath, charged, and excited to take on whatever it is that will move you closer to fulfilling that purpose.

This is an excerpt from my new book coming this summer! Stay tuned for more release info at bytracye.com. Breathe Big. Live Big.

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