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This Is How You Prep For Your Breakthrough

Spoiler Alert: The answer is not “Bemoan my current circumstances, hoping that everything will change for the good overnight. Fingers crossed.”

We’re still fresh into the new year and so many of you are still manifesting your resolutions and goals. Fabulous! And, what some of you might have figured out is that change and growth isn’t always easy. Actually, it’s not easy at all, is it? Nope. It’s consistent little steps that sometimes feel like you’re walking in place. Or, you might even feel stopped. Or, maybe you’re flowing but still feel like that goal line is so far off in the distance. We’ve all been in that in-between, transitional, uncomfortable, even painful place screaming at the top of our lungs to the universe “Enough already! Are we there yet?”

It’s what feels like the toughest time. And, it’s the moment right before your big breakthrough. Trust me on this!

It’s an inevitable space when you’re transforming your life. So, what to do while you’re making your way through? Get prepared! Because when the universe lays it on you, you’re gonna want to be ready to seize the moment with all you’ve got.

So a few thoughts on getting your breakthrough prep on:

Stop overthinking. I get it. And, I’m totally guilty of it from time to time. You want to figure out the breakthrough equation so you’re going to wrap it around your brain a million times until it happens, right? Yeah, uh no. Keep your mind on your vision. Continue to take big ol’ action (or those tiny steps!) based on your purpose. Just keep moving forward. Oh! And also…

Sit still. This is a perfect time to hone your stillness/meditation practice. Just allow yourself to get quiet, breathe into the moment of uncertainty, let it go, and let in your next set of directions. There’s a reason why you are where you are. There’s information is this right now that you’ll need to get to the next level. Sit for a moment or two. It’s all good.

Learn. Read, take a class or a workshop, study a new language, spend time with a mentor, etc. Take advantage of this moment to get schooled.

Cherish. Don’t spend your days wishing for the next big thing. Been there. Done that. And, it’s  such a waste of precious time with friends, family, and those you serve. Double check that you’re not so busy creating and waiting for the life of your dreams that you miss the amazing life right in front of you.

Are you showing up each and every day with purpose, vision, action, faith, and love? Then, your breakthrough is coming. No doubt. Keep going. And in the meantime, keep preparing!

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Photo Credit: Anthony Morrisson Photography


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