“I really enjoyed the retreat! As a beginner, the yoga experience bytracye was great! I enjoyed the class mix of experienced and beginners. I’m looking forward to my new practice of yoga as a result of this retreat.”

“Tracye was an excellent teacher. Her words of inspiration during the classes were powerful. She said there are no beginners and advanced; move at your own pace. No judgment, slow down, breathe. All of these words can be used in everyday life….”

Yoga is for everybody. And, at bytracye yoga.yummy food retreats, I have the honor to meet you at wherever you are in your practice. It’s a tremendous responsibility and a joy at the same.

Before retreat departure, I speak with each of you to discuss any intentions for the practice, as well as any existing challenges. Once at retreat, we gather each morning and move together in a 90-minute practice that is designed to offer something for everyone. I love the retreat setting because it allows me to zero in on each guest and gently guide you into your places of strength and ease throughout our time.
In the evening, we’ll head to our roof deck, poolside, the beach, or an excursion location for our 60-minute restorative yoga/meditation practice. This is truly special and each sunset is more brilliant than the last. Each moment in stillness is more powerful than the last. It’s simply magical.



Photo Credit: Bruce Dunkins Photography