“The bytracye team was amazing! Anything that we needed someone on the team was able to get it for us. The attention to detail was incredible and each member of the team was completely invested in making the retreat a wonderful, relaxing, memorable experience.”




It wasn’t a quick decision to start offering yoga retreats. I thought about it for a couple of years but didn’t make any moves. It just didn’t feel right at the time. I wanted to design an experience like no other which combined two of my many loves -an inspired yoga practice and really great food. I wanted to produce an offering that I could honestly say, served people. And so I kept practicing, teaching, learning, and growing until, one day, bytracye yoga.yummy food retreat was born.

It is my truest joy to share this with my guests. And, it’s also my job, so I don’t take it lightly. My intention with all of my retreats is to provide the very best of the best for my guests in all that we do and so I partner with only the smartest, professional, talented, most sincere, giving, caring, dedicated people I can find. That’s what you have in team bytracye retreats – – people who want you to experience the joy that you deserve. And you deserve it all! Meet the team…




I’ve known our retreat Logistics Coordinator, Deanna “Dee” Schwartz as a colleague, phenomenal expert in her field, and most important, a great friend of my family for over 10 years. To have Dee on board is to have every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed. She understands premier quality and service as she’s spent her entire career in operations, hospitality, event planning and management with a leading international cultural exchange and travel company. Dee makes this beautiful thing run seamlessly, I am not ashamed to say and am grateful to boast. She always seems to know exactly what everyone needs before they actually need it and delivers so much more than promised. She’s up before the dawn and sleeps –I don’t know when! Her service and her smile (which never ceases) is invaluable to us and to you.



I love our bytracye retreat Documentarian, Bruce Dunkins a.k.a. “Bruce Almighty”. No, seriously, I really do love him. He is not only my partner in business but partner in love and life. It’s just a bonus for me and for you that he is ridiculously talented behind a camera and able to capture the essence of the experience for everyone through his lens. Bruce has a way of honoring each and everyone’s retreat practice in a way that puts you at ease. And, that’s what manifests in his work. With over 20 years in the television and film production industry and a Peabody Award to boot, bytracye yoga.yummy food retreat and I are blessed by the Universe to have him.

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