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Tell 20 People You Love Them Today

So, I’ve upped the number to 20 from 10. Planning to be a “love” overachiever this year.

I can’t say that I’ve always been this lovey dovey. No, I wasn’t at all. And then my heart got blown wide open when I fell head over yoga pants in love with an amazing almighty of a man. I’m talking all of the bells, stars, whistles, couldn’t see straight kind of love. It just blossomed right out of me.

I started to throw “I love you” around like confetti. I started calling everyone “love” and “loves”. It just became a thing. It was natural. It felt…it feels good.

So here we are again at one of my favorite, albeit kitschy, holidays, Valentine’s Day. Why not get excited about love? Why not celebrate it? I’m down. And if you are too, why not tell people, maybe even a few random people, you love them. It might open a few hearts like mine.

But this, really is about getting back to the idea of what matters most, what is our true superhero power, and what truly drives this Awesome Life van. It’s love. It has always been and it will always be.

We’ve got to keep our “love practice” front and center in all that we do – -family, work, life in general. It’s all that counts. And, it may seem hard at times to keep your arms around it. Know that I know this. I’m on the journey, too. But, you’ve got to sit with it. Breathe with it. Walk with it. Know that when you start and restart with love, everything is possible. So, give it freely and receive it abundantly, okay?

I love you. That’s #1…19 more to go!

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