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Why Self Talk Out Loud Is A Good Thing

On any given day you’ll find me smiling and saying “I’m fabulous, abundant, and a rockstar!” while walking any city street. I’m good with looking like the crazy person, no worries. This is self talk. These are affirmations, out of my head and into the world. This is what pumps me up and helps to condition mind, body and soul for all the good that’s racing towards me to share with you.

This is powerful.

It’s one thing to write down your affirmations (and you should!). It’s another thing to speak them, regularly (as you’re walking down the street). It resonates and reaffirms what you know that you know. Or, if you’re in doubt,  it picks up your faith a bit and reminds you to keep breathing and walk forward one step at a time.

It also makes you happy. You can’t help but get lifted when you’re mumbling, speaking, or even shouting, “I’m AMAZING!”

Who else talks to themselves? Seriously. Who else self cheers?

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