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Thursday, June 23rd 6-8pm “strength + comfort: An Evening of yoga & meditation” @ red flower to benefit CancerCare

My Story:

I realized I had to do something. I had lost yet another beautiful friend to breast cancer and with that, I woke up. It had been years since we last saw each other or spoke. But her impact on my life – -her welcoming me to a new place years ago, sharing her friends and now my longtime friends, her generous spirit – -will not be forgotten. She was a gorgeous, bright, brilliant light on this earth. Her passing has shaken me and my friendship circle to the core as she was a young, vibrant, mother, wife, daughter, and big life-liver. May she rest in perfect peace.

It was yet another reminder to experience the joy in every moment, to love openly and deeply, to forgive fully and completely, to live the life that you deserve today, and to stay connected to what matters.

And so I began my journey to help in anyway that I could to support the fight against cancer and to support and to cheer on the survivors, families, caregivers, and those in our community who are conquering it everyday. Namaste.

Sasha’s Story:

Recently, my mom told me she has breast cancer. I was in shock, my immediate response was, “How are you going to treat it?” All I wanted was for it to go away. I wished I could go back in time, twenty seconds would be enough; just far enough back to when life was a bit more normal for me. My mom and I spent the rest of that night talking about what actions will be taken to beat it- -anything for it to go away. There have been days since that I felt like I needed to help her, comfort her, and stay with her if she needed anything. But no matter how hard it is, we should not spend too much of our time being upset about her cancer. We needed to understand what we are dealing with and face it head on. Friends and family alike are supporting my mom, giving her love and support, and we are all fighting with her with all of the strength we have.

Our Story:

I asked Sasha (Bruce Almighty’s daughter, a.k.a. Our Teenager) to join forces with me to encourage each other, to help her channel her fear for her mother into education and action, and to help others who are walking this path. We want to provide “strength + comfort” for those who are fighting and surviving cancer and for those who are supporting them on this journey. So, we’ve partnered with the divine red flower here in New York to raise money and awareness for this deserving cause. We hope you’ll join us!

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Learn more about red flower, their mission, and their products here.


Learn more about CancerCare and their mission here.

Join us Thursday, June 23rd 6-8pm

yoga + meditation + shopping

red flower, Soho, New York

Stay tuned for event + donation details!



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  • Tracye: You, Sasha and Bruce have special places in my heart.
    I’ll never forget the time Sasha helped me bond with my little Lailah.
    She has the kind of spirit that is nurturing and thus healing so I know that her mom is in good hands with you and Bruce Almighty by her side.
    Stay strong.

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