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The Question That Will Stop You In Your Tracks

“I don’t know if I have the right words.” she started. “But, you had this powerful, joyful, yet serene way about you tonight.” she went on to say.

“Thanks! It was awesome to share.” I said.

And, just as she was about to walk out the door, she turned and asked…

Do you enjoy your life? It seems like you really enjoy your life. Do you?

Stopped in tracks. I do believe this was the first time anyone had ever asked if I “enjoy my life”. It’s a crazy, potent question y’all. It’s like the everything question. It’s a get real kind of question.

Seriously, all of the thoughts whirling around in my head went into slow motion except for the one that was looking for the answer to that question. Finally, I took a breath and said clearly “I do. In total, I really do enjoy my life.” And, it was funny because as soon as I said the words, little fear, doubt, ego on blitz mode came raging with all of their chatter. “What do you mean?”, “What about the time when…?”, and “Are you kidding? After all you’ve been through…”. They were convinced that there had to be a good “Sometimes it sucks” in there.

“Nope. I really, truly enjoy my life.” I confidently spoke back to them (in my head so the lady didn’t think I was nuts).

You see in that moment, I saw my whole life pass in front of my eyes. And the even better news is that I wasn’t dying. I was wide awake and alive as ever. I could see the total picture. The ups, the downs, the highs, and the sideways were all there. And, I was still smiling in my soul. Because, it’s all mine. I may not always consciously realize it, but I have and continue to live this life off the charts and miles from the Zone of Comfort. With that, I accept full responsibility for its joys, pains, successes, loves, failures, wins, and any drinking of bad coffee. And, to me, that’s the blessing. I chose this life and will choose the rest of it I get to live. I’d better damn well enjoy it. Hell yes, I enjoy my life!

You are responsible for enjoying your life. Marinate on that. 

When was the last time (or the first time) someone asked you this question? If the answer is “Never”, maybe ask yourself. Take a quiet moment. Ask the question. And then let it breathe. Don’t get all freaked out if the answer is a resounding “Hell no!” or “Hell yes!” Just let it breathe for a minute. Then listen. It’s yours (as in, your life) to decide if there’s a need, an opportunity, or any calling, for change.

Your Awesome Life is waiting.


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