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The Power of Love, Positivity, and Beast Mode

I’ve been getting the best news from folks!

It’s a dream manifestin’, miracles abound, fly your superhero flag type week. Yesssss! I absolutely love this kind of feedback!  Although, I have to admit that I’m never surprised. You see, I know that I know that…

When we open our hearts, stay bright, and go all big bold action, our dreams, our wishes, our goals happen.

It’s a powerful combination that pretty much demands the Universe to stand up, pay attention, and applaud. And, it’s also the combo that many of us don’t quite get or even when we get it, we don’t use it. And, even when we use it, we don’t realize that it did the trick.

So, I want to make sure we’re clear, because I believe in you and your Awesome Life-to-be and I want to give you the insider information.

A quick overview of the equation:

  • Love. Everything that’s good revolves around a big ol’ open heart. It’s the giving and the receiving of love that gives us power and brings in all of the good stuff. Also gratitude comes from love and when we’re grateful we get an extra “Manifest the Life of Your Dreams” vitamin. Realize that when we tap into what truly rules our lives and drives us toward the best people, places, and things for us, we’re halfway there.
  • Positivity. Believing that the best is not only yet to come, but it’s already here, with your thoughts, words, and actions is like “Boom!” It changes the way you feel and gives you even more energy to take on whatever it is that confronts you.
  • Beast Mode. Nothing happens without some form of action. I repeat, action is required. And, if you truly want to move the needle on your wishes, dreams, or goals, you’ve got to go large. You’ve got to Breathe Big, kick little fear to the curb, start, and restart as you rock hard like your life depends upon it. Because, it does. This is your one and only life. Go get it!

Ok. So, there you go. Write this equation somewhere where you can see it. Set an alarm on your phone, write on your bathroom mirror in red lipstick (Y’all know I like that one!), have it stenciled on party napkins for your New Year’s bash, or whatever it takes – – Love. Positivity. Beast Mode.

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