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Breathe Go Flow with Tracye Warfield

Tracye Warfield is a big believer in and the head cheerleader of her motto “Keep breathing, stuff changes!” The motivational speaker, wellness inspirer, and author of Breathe Big Live Big: A Starter Guide for Your Awesome Life offers up life stories and “keep it real” tips and takeaways on how to get the life you want – -and Flow with it!



Episode 1 – 3 Keys to Living the Life You Want!

This is it!  This episode kicks off the Breathe Go Flow podcast. Tracye shares her story,  “Why the name BGF?” and why these 3 keys are so vital to rockin’ the life you want.

Episode 2 – Get Your Mind Right!

This episode is all about getting your thoughts in line so that they help you manifest what you really want v. what you don’t want! Tracye offers her own positive thoughts, strategies and ways to keep you in the flow as you “Change your mind, about your mind”.

Episode 3 – Move Something!

Let’s get real! It’s time to move your body and get it in the best, healthy shape possible so that it supports your new life Flow. In this episode, Tracye shares her stories on being a young girl with body confidence issues, to battling illness, to living the “red wine & sushi” life, to becoming a reluctant marathoner and finally a Gemini Type A Yogini on the path to physical well-being. 
She offers up 5 tips for you to “Go” or get started:
  • Decide
  • Pick something 
  • Evaluate
  • “Tribe it”
  • Keep showing up

Episode 4 – Reinvent

Life is just a series of reinventions – – if you’re living it fully and out loud! In this episode, Tracye gives you 6 important things to remember when your life calls for a reinvention.

Episode 5 – Claiming Your F.L.O.W.

It’s a trendy word. Everybody’s dropping it into their “wanna be Zen” conversations. It’s all the rage in yoga classes and self-help workshops. And they make it sound real cool! But have you ever felt like you’ve been a bit bamboozled by this idea of “Flow”. What is it anyway? How do you define it? How do you know if you’re in it? Tracye’s got some thoughts and tips to get you in tune with your authentic Flow in this episode. Woosah!

Episode 6 – Live Curious Bold and Out Loud

Are you living intentionally? No, seriously. Are you living like you really mean it? Tracye goes all in with her take and “get your life” tips on showing up ready, accounted for, and shining in your life.  No hiding your love, gifts, and passions in this episode. Curious. Bold. Out Loud. Woosah!

Episode 7 – Eat What Feeds Your Awesome!

You are what you think, do…and yes, eat. And, if you want to live an energized and most Awesome life, it’s time to take a long look at what and how you’re feeding your fabulous temple of a body. Tracye’s got thoughts on why it’s important, how you can shift your mindset, and a few actions you can take today to jumpstart your journey!

Episode 8 – Are you a Clinger?

Calling all Clingers! That’s all of us who are holding on for dear life to the stale, past expiration date, future hasn’t happened yet “stuff” in our lives that’s taking up all the space and dulling our fabulousness right now. Everything and everyone has a season and in that season we get to keep what’s ours and, if we’re in our Flow, let the rest go. This is the way of the Awesome! Talk, tips, and takeaways in this episode.

Episode 9 – 6 Rockstar Tips To Deal with Fear

Time to talk about Fear. Actually, “little fear”. If you’re not paying attention it can steal your breath, run your life, sidetrack you, and even stop you completely from living like you mean it. But, you’re a Rockstar and that’s now how it’s going down. This episode offers the tips you need to put little fear in it’s place and keep stepping!

Episode 10 – Loving you

I love…me. Self love is a daily practice and the center of all things amazing in your life today and to come. It’s not just a hashtag. This is a love letter to you in all of your glory, messiness, joy, and light.  Tracye offers a few reminders to keep you conjuring and falling in love with yourself over and over again.

Episode 11 – Leave Your Rules Out Of This

What’s with these rules and beliefs you’ve allowed to run your life? Are they working for you or holding you back? Be honest! If you’re sick and tired of feeling stuck, this episode could shed some light on your rules that are keeping you from manifesting your best life.

Episode 12 – Take Several Seats a.k.a. Meditate

Spoiler Alert: This is about Meditation (You’re welcome!). Tracye shares her meditation journey (ups, downs, and sideways)and offers a few good reasons why you should start, jumpstart, or restart your “stillness” practice today. Take several seats!

Episode 13 – Living Your Vision: The Stuff You Need To Know

What? Nobody told you? Creating and living your vision everyday is a beautiful, bumpy, wild ride of a trip! Believe it. And, it’s worth every second. That said, there are a few things you should know that can help you get your mind right, head in the game, stay focused and maybe be a little more on top of things as they show up. It’s the real things, experiences, and situations you definitely want to know about and Tracye’s giving them up!

Episode 14 – Get Passport Book Ticket

Hello wanderlust! This episode is about travel and why it should pop to the top of your priority list if you’re looking to transform your life to Awesome. Tracye shares how traveling at an early age changed the course of her life and how travel offers us some of the most powerful life lessons. Time to fly!

Episode 15 – 6 Signs You’re Going The Right Way

“Which way do I go?” …”What do I do next?” …”Is this the right decision?”…If you’re asking these questions, fantastic! You’re not alone. We all need a little (or a lot of) guidance when it comes to taking steps or leaps into our boldest vision of life. And, luckily, the signs are all around us. Tracye gives you her top 6 in this episode. Let’s go get your life!

Episode 16 – Celebrate Your Messy Life!

Listen, this is life. And, it’s the greatest, messiest thing ever! Are you showing up with your pom poms, cheering on what’s good, what’s right, what’s to come? Have you got your “Yes, I’m here for it!” t-shirt on for the best parts? Because, what you celebrate grows, expands, blossoms…But you know this, right? No problem. Here to cheer you and your sloppy, magnificent journey on in this episode.

Episode 17 – Believe In and Bet On You

You’re your own best cheerleader. Nobody pumps you up, calms your worries, wipes your tears, encourages you to lift your life game, like you. You’ve got to love you and cheer for you first, before anyone else jumps on the bandwagon. So, how strong is your faith in you, your vision, and your actions? Would you be willing to put a stake on your ability to be all that you came here to be, and to share? This is the daily practice. Time to reignite your belief muscle Rockstars!

Episode 18 – Wellness: Do It Your Way

For the record, your health and wellness is your business. Now, that we’ve got that out of the way…Are you designing and living a healthy well lifestyle that feels good and serves you so that you can show up, show out, serve and shine? It’s up to you – -and that’s the best news! But, a lot of cheering and a few suggestions might help. Listen up!

Episode 19 – Your Tribe Vibe

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn. Who’s in your tribe? Who are the people in your life who are lifting, teaching, supporting, cheering, and loving on you? Good question, right? Well actually, the more important question is who are you in the tribe? How are you showing up attracting (or not attracting) the right people, for the right season, and the right energy you (and they!) need to rock in this life? Let’s discuss.

Episode 20 – Just Don’t Quit

“You can whine. You can cry. But you can’t quit.”  – Breathe Big Live Big: A Starter Guide for Your Awesome Life. If you’re thinking about giving up on sharing your gifts, your offerings, your light with the world and manifesting the bold life your creating, this episode is for you. You’re no quitter. This is the moment you’ve been building the muscle, the patience, the flexibility, the tribe, the self love for in your practice. Nope. Not today.

Episode 21 – Show Up and Serve Somebody

We’re here to serve and lift others as we expand, as we grow, and as we rise. That’s how you get better. That’s how you shine. That about sums it up! It’s time to focus your energy on creating the best version of you and your life that allows you to wake up, cheer on, inspire and help others to do the same.

Episode 22 – Tough Times: You Will Get Through

This episode is for anyone who’s feeling like they’re never going to get through a difficult season in their life. Not true! This too shall pass and you’ll be a better Rockstar for it. You’re being prepped for your next breakthrough. Tracye’s got strategies, “get through” stories, and the cheers you need to keep going.

Episode 23 – Time to Go Bigger

You can’t stay on autopilot, left righting your way, mindlessly towards your Awesome Life. That’s not how it works. You’ve got to take it to the next level. Take the chance. Take the leap. Focus on the breath, dig into your faith, double up on those baby steps, to rev up the good energy, that kicks up the big actions, that will open up your life in ways you never imagined. Go Bigger!

Episode 24 – Breakout to Breakthrough

Take a deep breath. Now, are you waiting for some spontaneous come up or actually preparing for your breakthrough? Are you doing the work to chisel away at old, negative thinking, stories, situations, and habits? Or have you pulled out the sledgehammer and decided to go all in to go get your life? This is your time. And you have what you need. If you want it, you’re going to have to breakdown some walls baby. Take a deep breath and let’s have a chat!

Episode 25 – Thank You Works

Magic words? Definitely! It’s about gratitude? Absolutely! But, there’s more power to using “Thank You” everyday, in all kinds of situations, than you might realize.  After this episode, they’ll be your two new favorite words.

Episode 26 – You’re Stronger Than You Know

Lion’s roar! Time to claim your power, tap into your strength, and start walking like you know who you are. You are ready and have all you need. Now you just have to own it. After this episode, you’ll make “I am strong” your new mantra and show up for your life in a whole new way

Episode 27 – Create Something

What have you done for me lately? You’ve got talents, knowledge, gifts, and a whole load of offerings that are within you. It’s your job as a superhero, Rockstar, creating an Awesome Life, to let them out to play. This episode will help you to start using what you got to put great things, experiences, and energy out into the world.

Episode 28 – 3 Awesome Ways To Raise Your Energy

It’s a powerful trio that pretty much demands the Universe to stand up, pay attention, and applaud a.k.a. manifest! And, it’s also the combo that many of us don’t quite get or even when we get it, we don’t use it. Well, listen up. Tracye’s giving you the “not-so-secret” secret equation so that you can do, serve, and give exactly what you want in this lifetime. StayNama!

Episode 29 – Doubt Doesn’t Win

It’s one thing to deal with doubt from others. That’s challenging enough. But, then there’s your own self-doubt with a much louder voice, constantly ringing nonsense into your ears. Whew! How can you move forward when you’re questioning yourself all of time? It’s difficult, to say the least. So you’ve got to have a game plan to tackle it so it doesn’t steal your Awesome Life. This episode is for you. Ready to get the win? Woosah!

Episode 30 – You’re Your Own Superhero

You’re more powerful than you know! No need to look on the outside for someone or something to save you. You are the magic! Now, you’ve just got to see it, conjure it, and use it for the greatest good. No problem. You got this! This episode helps to get you flying with Tracye’s real talk, tips, and exercises.

Episode 31 – I Dare You To Do It

It’s one thing to talk about your dreams, it’s another thing to be the one who actually goes for it! This is your call to action – -your challenge! Time to inhale, exhale, put up and show up. Scared? Great! Breathe. Got your back! Here to shed some light on what scares us the most and why. And, here, of course, to cheer you on. Woosah!

Episode 32 – Get Yourself A Purpose & Stick To It!

“Set your focus, your intention and build from there. Or, you can wild out, throw darts in the dark, and see what sticks.” Breathe Big Live Big: A Starter Guide for Your Awesome Life.  Got purpose? If no, it’s time to zone in on what matters most to you, who matters most to you, what you want to do, where you want to go, who you want to serve, and the’ “Why” that’s wrapped around all of it. It might feel overwhelming, but you can build  it, commit to it and work it one moment at a time. Listen up and let’s dive in!

Episode 32 – If It Don’t Fit, Don’t Force It

Final Episode of Season 1! And, Tracye’s in Thailand sharing why, when what you’re doing isn’t working, or when the universe is giving you all kinds of not so subtle signs to move on, forward and up, you just have to leap – -stop trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.  Breathe, trust and jump!