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5 Things To Keep You Going When You’re Manifesting Your Dreams

Today, just a lil’ reminder of 5 Things that will help you KEEP GOING when you’re manifesting those dreams:

  • Vision & Purpose – It’s time to check back in with that Purpose Statement, and spend some cozy time with your Vision Board. When you get bored (a.k.a. fear of being Awesome), lose focus (insert more fear of being Awesome here), or scared (Ahem, little fear.), breathing back into who you are, who you’re becoming, and who you’re serving brings balance and passion back into sight.
  • Put in the work. Don’t believe social media! I love a good Instagram feed but I happen to know many of those amazing, flashy peeps who are…hustling! They’re “on the mat” of their vision, purpose, and love-centered offering everyday like their lives depend on it. Seriously, this isn’t about overnight success, which rarely (really never) happens. Your road full of Awesome is paved with courageous mini steps, a few big leaps, Wall Slides, building, growing, failing fast, and big wins! And, it’s about committing to consistent…I’ll say that again, CONSISTENT Big Ol’ Hairy Scary action; even when you don’t feel like it.
  • Breathe. Get Still. Ask for Directions.  I’m gonna need you to have a seat each day to 1) focus on your breath – -your whole life force and the gold that energizes you to take action, 2) be quiet and un-frazzled…or just let the frazzle run around you while you sit, and ask the Universe for guidance on your next right move. Have you, or can you commit to doing this for 5 minutes each day? 5 minutes. Set your timer.
  • Believe in You. You have superhero powers, just like those people you look up to for their successes and offerings. You’re not different. You’re SO not different. Whatever you dream is available to you if you go get it and don’t quit after the first, the second, the umpteenth time you fail. You have to believe even when you’re extremely uncomfortable, judged by your present tribe (Ahem, maybe it’s time for some tribe edits?), and in what looks like a never ending failure loop. You’re unwavering belief is your miracle waiting to happen. Keep going. The Universe loves a believer.
  • Work your Positive Pants. What positivity are you bringing to each day? What are you reading? What podcasts are you listening to? Who are you following on social media who are speaking abundance, joy, love, etc. Who are your Rockstar Peeps who are helping to raise your vibration? What are you doing to up your positive vibes game? What kind of light are you letting into your life that lifts you instead of constant messaging that tells you it’s not possible, or downsize your goals,  or you can’t or blah, blah, blah…

Finally, remember that I’m, as always, cheering for you!


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