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We Need To Have A Conversation About Stuff

We need to have a conversation about stuff.

Now, I know this is a sensitive topic for some of us, so let’s just call it “My stuff” so no one gets offended, okay? Cool.

I’m currently in the process of massive life changes and growth. I’ve recently become single – -unengaged from a man I truly love and adore (It happens.), have a new book coming out (Whoop!), and am moving to Paris (Oui!!!!). And, those are just the top three! But, for the sake of focus, let’s just discuss that whole moving to Paris thing.

When I moved out of our beautiful New York apartment, I left everything. I packed two bags with my clothing, a photo of my parents, a photo of 6 year old me dressed in my Brownie (Girl Scout) outfit, a black and white photo of 6 month old me with big eyes and a grin, a few mementos, and a tote bag. That was it.


You left all of your stuff???!!


A panic cry went out from some in my loving tribe. “All of it?” some have asked. “You didn’t want to put it in storage for later?” others offered. “But…Why?…How?…” a few, with concern, attempted to question. Yep, my loves, all of it.

Now this is not the first time I’ve rolled stuff-light. When I left California many years ago to head east, I arrived with…you guessed it…two bags, a few photos, mementos, and a tote bag. Stuff-light. It was that move across the country that began to shine a spotlight on the fact that really:


You need a lot less stuff than you think.


Okay, “I “ need a lot less than I think. Fair? Cool.

Last year I signed up for a wardrobe consultation with a fashion stylist. She arrived at our home, proceeded to my closet and stated “This is a good start. Now show me the rest.” HA! There was no “rest”. It was simple and to the point. The stylist was none too pleased.

Over the years, I have sized down to, mostly, the stuff I love, and not even on purpose. It just happened. I began to realize, after the California to New York migration, that I could do without a whole bunch of stuff – -that I really liked living light and, at least aesthetically, uncomplicated. I noticed how I felt brighter and more open when my space was not filled with things I didn’t enjoy, or never used, or didn’t even notice until I tripped over them. It felt amazing not to worry or to stress over stuff. Now, I will admit that there were some days when I used to throw temper tantrums about having nothing to wear and my wonderful ex-fiancé would have to console my simple-stuff self. Truth. But, overall, it just felt good.


Sometimes stuff gets in the way of living Awesome


I am one who believes in living Awesome experiences over stuff. “What does that mean?” you ask. It means I choose travel over stuff, I choose meeting new and interesting people over stuff, learning something new over stuff, time with my love and family over stuff, etc. It means committing to my goals and dreams v. surrounding myself with stuff that distracts me from said goals and dreams.


It means leaving stuff behind so you can fly.


This journey is so full and vibrant. And, the stuff is such a very small part of it. I love beautiful things, so don’t get me wrong. I just practice seeing them for what they are and realizing that if there were no stuff there would still be people, places, experiences, and, most important, love.

And so, it’s easy for me to walk away from stuff. People, not so much. But the good news is that I’ll always have the memories and the experiences. Stuff can’t touch that.

So, dare I ask you about  your stuff?

Stay tuned for my upcoming book Breathe Big Live Big “A Starter Guide For Your Awesome Life!” Summer 2017.





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