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My #1 Tip for Making your 2016 Vision Board really work for you!

I started creating vision boards a little over five years ago when I was SUPER ready to change the direction of my life. And guess what? The mojo pretty much worked save for a few things I really thought I wanted and needed in my life. And that’s been how it has gone for the past few years. I keep hitting the big one with a few things and completely striking out with the rest.

So, last Sunday I was thinking about my upcoming 2016 vision boarding as I was taking down 2015 from inside of my closet. Ummmm…it’s in the closet. It’s in the closet, in the dark, only to be seen when I’m grabbing a coat to race out the door. Perfect placement, right? Not! How can you be inspired by a vision that’s hidden? You can’t!

So here’s my #1 tip for making your 2016 vision board really work for you…

Bring it into the light and make it the star of the show!

Dress it up in an expensive frame (or one from Ikea that looks expensive) and put it in a place where you can see it all day everyday, feel the super powers of the images and words, smell the glue, and get psyched about making your dreams come true (Oh! I rhymed!).

Happy New Year and Be Well!

p.s. Thanks to my good friend for sharing hers in the framed photo above AND for putting my yoga.yummy food retreat postcard on her board this year. Stay tuned! Tips on creating your very own vision board coming soon. And, feel free to share your own tips in the comments below.

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