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Move Your Body, Move Your Mind, Move Your Life

I’m thrilled to share an excerpt from my new book “Breathe Big Live Big: A Starter Guide for Your Awesome Life”

You can get in the game or sit and watch from the bleachers.

Here’s the plain truth. The purpose statement, the Roadmap, or whatever plans you’ve built to live this blazing life you’ve been created to live will not work all by itself. Fact! Time to get up and get yourself in the best shape of your life for the journey of your life. Time to put down the donut, cronut, and mocha with whipped cream. Time to turn off the reality TV show, get off the couch, log off social media (caught you!), and turn your focus to the fabulous temple of a body you’ve been gifted. You’re going to need a healthy, fit, strong body to take this first-class ride to your Awesome Life.

It’s time to focus on the work that will support your journey and give you strength and flexibility of body to make the right moves toward your destiny. There is no Awesome Life when the physical body is a hot mess of unhealthiness. I don’t care what you’ve heard or are working hard to convince your ego-self. It doesn’t work that way.

Sorry, love, there is no magic pill. You’re gonna need to report to duty in whatever outfit (or non-outfit) the workout requires and shape up.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Fame, a musical about a group of teenagers at a performing-arts school in New York. (Insert here: my sisters and I singing the soundtrack at the top of our lungs back in the day.) I loved and still love the phenomenal Debbie Allen. In the movie, she plays the super-fierce, sassy, strong dance teacher, Lydia Grant, who takes not one ounce of anyone’s crap. At the beginning of the school year, she lets her students know they need to do the dedicated physical work if they intend to live their dreams. It’s perfectly stated. In a nutshell, get to work and get the life of your dreams.

Years ago, when I decided to change the direction of my life, I knew that meant not only changing my mind, but looking more closely at what was going on with my body. Wait! We are keeping it real, right? Well then, let me scratch that nicey-nice way of putting it! I was out of shape, past pudgy, physically tired, and very blurry and puffy from too much red wine and pounds of sushi. Truth and snore.

Time to get busy.

Although I’ve always been active enough, I knew I wasn’t living in my truest skin. In other words, the real physical me was just waiting for the hot mess me to put down the waffle cone, cell phone, or TV remote and head to yoga class, take a run, or get up and move something intentionally. I needed to get focused on some real physical goals besides “I can still (barely) fit into my jeans, so I’m good!” I needed a goal I absolutely knew would get me charged, keep me motivated, and put me on a new path. For me, it became the practice of yoga. It started from straight-up desperation: I was suffering from a running injury, but the Gemini Type A me was still screaming for me to move my lazy butt. My practice of yoga turned into the “exercise” that started to sculpt and tone my outer body and, more importantly, clear the fogginess inside my head, heart, and soul. Score!

Feeling stronger, happier, and clearer, I was able to envision my life without all the physical and mental roadblocks the ridiculous ego and its silly little friends try to put in my path.

I’ve got the power to hurdle them, run around them, or (and this is the good stuff) just sit tall, still and peacefully watch them run around in circles all by their damn selves.

Yoga is my thing. I should add, the “thing” for millions of people worldwide. Yes, I think it’s all that and a bowl of cherries. And, yes, it changed my whole freakin’ life! That said, I didn’t write this book to sell you on yoga practice—although you really should give it a whirl. You might just like it! What I am suggesting is that you have to find your own yoga—the thing that gets you moving, toning, strengthening, glowing, and shedding all the internal and external deadweight and useless negative, cloudy thinking holding you back from unimaginable joy. You deserve it!

You’ve already started to gain some steam by doing the real root work it takes to get to your Awesome Life rockin’ by writing your mission statement, glue gunning your Vision Board, and detailing your Roadmap. Now, it’s time to get your workout on, love!

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