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The Most Important Lesson You Can Learn

Let me offer you the most important lesson I’ve learned to date in my life’s journey:

You have to let go to let in.

You’re doing all the breathing, sitting, moving, planning, and envisioning the Awesome Life that you absolutely, 100 percent, without a doubt, deserve. But, are you willing to actively shed the silly, and not so silly, stuff that’s taking up space and making this ride a lot bumpier and more uncomfortable than it’s supposed to be, even downright painful? I’m betting you are.

But, I get it. I totally get it. Been there and done all of the silly, uncomfortable, and painful stuff a zillion times. And, it bites. Especially, when it’s ridiculously simple. No, seriously. I’m finding that out more and more every day, and I hope that you are too as we take this journey together.

So, maybe today’s the day to truly release and make space?

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  • Thank you Tracye.
    I call it surrendering; a hard thing to do, but it feels good when you recognize what you need to surrender and then let it go.

    Fear, procrastination, self sufficiency ( the “me, my, I syndrome), things, all that stuff

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