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The Moment You Realize You’re Grateful It All Changes

Gratitude. Boom! Who knew it was so powerful?

I woke up in my lovely Paris apartment this morning safe, sound, healthy, birds chirping, sun shining, new book just released, Nespresso freshly poured…Whew! Grateful.

So far, I’ve lived the most incredible life. Really, I’ve been stupid blessed. And, I have to admit (because we keep it real!), that the majority of it I’ve spent bemoaning what I’ve had, who I’ve had or didn’t have in my life, what I didn’t have, what I wanted, etc. Get the picture? I absolutely know I’m not the only person on this planet whose walked around in what I like to call “The Gratitude Void”.

The Gratitude Void is all hazy, dark, pitiful, definitely dingy and makes your head hurt.

Not sexy at all. Oh! And we’re not alone in The Void. Say hello to my little friend fear, cousin doubt, aunt disappointment, her BFF frustration, and the rest of their gnarly crew. The Void is so dark and dense with negativity, that it’s super hard to see the squint of light at the end of the tunnel begging you to come closer. And that’s where all the good stuff hangs out!

Listen, I get it. We are all living this life. Stuff happens. Bad stuff happens. Really sucky, don’t want to get out of bed, stuff happens. I get it! And, what I have to come know is that the more we can seek that light, look for, appreciate and celebrate the good stuff, the more rockstar our lives become. Here’s the good news (and there’s always good news!)…

We create The Gratitude Void so we can skip out of it at any time.

Here’s what helps me and I hope it serves you:

  • Stop. Open your eyes. Look around. When I think back on times when my “Void” brain thought I had nothing or not enough, I just shake my head. Ridiculous. And it still happens from time-to-time to all of us. So when it does, get in the habit of taking a minute, a day, a vacation and survey the landscape. Look at your life, the people in it, your accomplishments and victories, the people you’ve helped, and those who have helped you. Watch that light at the end of the tunnel get brighter as you do.
  • Practice. Create a daily gratitude ritual. It could be an affirmation like “I’m so freakin’ grateful for …”, or “Wow! Look at the beautiful people in my life. Thank you Universe!”, or even “Yes! Full tank of gas!” Get where I’m going with this? Start speaking it, out loud. Get in the habit of noticing and practice seeing the big and little things each day.
  • Take a look in the mirror. See that face? Ummm, you’re still living! This, my love, is the best news of all. How Awesome is that! You get to welcome a day that others may not see. You still have breath to get out bed, move your body, stimulate your mind, and help others. That face and your presence are powerful and can move mountains. You already have!

I’m not the first to say that gratitude is the key to life. We can choose to hang out in the “The Void” or we can wake up each day and go to bed each night all pom poms up with “How Awesome is my Life? AWESOME!” And watch how it changes everything.



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