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Are You Making Space For The Life You Dream?

So you’ve got this big plan to rock your life and the lives of others, which includes all of your fabulous goals and dreams. Cool. Now, let me ask you:

What are you willing to let go of that’s not working, not of service, or even toxic so that you can create the space for your dreams to blossom?

“Wait, what?” you say. “I have to let some stuff go?” Yep. It’s taking up vital, much needed, and very expensive room in your life.

Recently, I had a “Funk Alarm” call with a good friend. So, a “Funk Alarm” is how we signal each other as Rockstar Peeps that we need some cheering up, some brainstorming, or just listening, to lift the purple haze of “Whoa is me. I’m not manifesting my dreams fast enough or at all.” She’d been awaiting a big job offer for the past month or so and was getting anxious. In the meantime, she’d stalled on taking action on many of her other goals and dreams. She was on hold – – holding a whole bunch of prime property in her mind and spirit for this gig to happen and to change the direction of her life. There was zero space for, perhaps, other even more fabulous ideas, things, people, jobs, experiences to manifest. I questioned her…

“What would happen if you decided to release it? You’ve done your part. Can you just let it go and open the time you’ve been obsessing, worrying, judging, etc. to something else you dream? Maybe it’s not coming to you because there’s no space for the actual job. You’ve filled it with doubt, little fear, and the rest. Can you decide to set it aside, move on, and let it do what it do?”

Let go of the grip hold! Make space for whatever is meant to be in your life. Not for what you’re trying to hang on to or force into your life.

It’s a practice to let things flow instead of contracting and holding on for dear life to what we think are the right things or the things that others think are the right things for us (Let that sink in!) and cluttering up our Awesome Life space. Consider these things when cleaning house:

Get quiet. Get still. Ask for guidance. You can’t find space or welcome anything into that space when it’s all loud in there with nonsense noise. You’re welcome.

Oh, little fear. Bye! So, little fear doesn’t want to you to make space. It absolutely wants you to cling to whatever it is you’re doing to block the miracle of an Awesome Life that awaits when you purge limiting beliefs, ideas and stuff. Bye!

-Breathe. When we hold our breath, nothing gets through. So inhale, exhale and make space.

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