These Are The Magic Words That Will Make Your Day


“Thank you.”

“Today’s the best day of my life!”

With eyes open (if only slightly), before I can even see straight in the morning, I speak these words. And then I throw off the covers and head to rock the day. It’s a habit I created almost eight years ago. It started with a simple, yet powerful “Thank you.” And, over the years I’ve added the groggy, sometimes whispered (so as not to wake anyone) “Today’s the best day of my life!”

I could be suffering from the flu, or letting work stress get the best of me, or exhausted, or heartbroken, and I still eek out “Thank you. Today’s the best day of my life!”

And, it’s crazy amazing how it really does lift me. Words are powerful. These words are powerful. And here’s why:

Thank you. Gratitude is the greatest wake you up caffeine-esque, mood booster, miracle producer out there. All that, and “Thank you”, is for me, a big “Whew! You mean I’m still breathing and get to work on making this life even better today? Hell, yes!” It’s also a “Yesterday’s gone, for better or for worse. It’s gone. Thank you. Onward.”

Today’s the best day of my life. We have the ultimate privilege of setting the tone for our day; of projecting to the Universe how we want this whole deal to go. Why not put it out there? Why not claim it? Why not wake up hyped…or at least groggy, not quite sure, but fake-it-’til-you-make-it hyped? It’s a hell of a lot better than rolling over, grabbing your phone and letting someone else set your course.

Give it a go. I dare you. For 21 days (some say that’s habit timing) wake up with “Thank you. Today’s the best day of my life!” And let me know what changes!

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About Tracye

Known for her motivational mantras and joyful practice, Tracye Warfield puts the play in yoga and yummy food. Tracye began practicing yoga in 1999, when she first hobbled onto the mat after a long and achy marathon. Ten years later, she walked away from a successful career in corporate America to start living the life she was meant to live. Currently, she teaches Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Hatha, and Pilates in studio classes, workshops, online, with private clients, and at her bytracye yoga.yummy food retreats throughout the U.S. and internationally.

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