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Love and Yoga – Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is Friday so yoga lovers get ready for articles, blogs, and fabulous pictures of couples practicing beautifully choreographed yoga together, in perfect sync to the perfect love song (if on video, if not on video you’ll be humming the perfect love song as you read).  Sigh.  Yoga love is so incredible, isn’t it?

I have fantasies of Bruce and me balancing in Navasana (boat pose), feet to feet, dual Vrksasanas (tree poses) and finally coming to rest in Savasana (corpse pose), side by side, holding hands (Two of my students actually do this in every class – – lovely.), all set to a dreamy playlist, of course.  Sigh.  Not!  He’s not interested (So the fantastic beach “trees poses” are of two of our stunning friends in Costa Rica).  It’s “not his thing” and, most of the time, I’m good with that.  Our “practice” is a showing up each and everyday, good or bad, for each other and I love it just the way it “no thanks on the couples yoga” is (Although, I’d take one full wheel back bend, forming a perfect heart while kissing.  Now that would be awesome!).

But, it is Valentine’s Day, and for those of you who are excited to roll out your mats together (in sync of course), here are few asanas or poses to share.  Of course, the practice is yours to play.  Remember always that yoga is unity.  It is a giving and a sharing.  So, who cares what the pose looks like in the end.  It should, simply, feel good!  So, be safe, smile, laugh, breathe and love.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tree Pose– Each person stands tall, feet together, side by side at arms length.  Breathe. Find a point slightly above your gaze for focus.  Standing firm on the inner leg, place the outer foot to the inside of the inner ankle or leg.   Hold inside hands and raise outer arm into the sky.

Downward Facing Dog with Backbend – Fabulous! Click here , breathe, and go for it!

Savasana or Corpse Pose – Come to lie down on your mats, side by side.  Turn your palms to face up or hold hands.  Be still and listen your breath.  The absolute best!

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