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You Know You’re A Rockstar Peep If…

I talk about Rockstar Peeps a lot because, well,  they’re the secret ingredient to truly living your Awesome Life.

Who are these people and what do they do that rocketh so fabulously? Well, they’re your tribe. Or, at least, they should be your tribe, if you’re manifesting a life that’s big and bright. They may be friends, family members, mentors, teachers, tech gurus, spiritual leaders, or even the barista that makes your perfect latte. The list can be dynamic, but what I’ve learned is that regardless of who they are, they bring similar light and support to your journey.

You need a strong, dynamic, committed tribe of Rockstars.

So, here are my thoughts on a few things to be on the lookout for:

  1. Recognize. They see their light (and yours too, of course), are handling their business, working their purpose like you,  and know that they’ve been put on this earth to be of support and service to others. Not everyone is there yet y’all. Be advised.
  2. Available. They show up and make themselves seen in your life whether it’s live and in person or through their work or service. They take your calls and return your texts. They schedule that 6am meeting because that’s the only time you can see them and they can see you. They hop on planes and show up on your doorstep when you’ve hit the wall. They are there for you.
  3. Listen. They aren’t about talking over you, or hijacking your vision and impressing theirs on you. They take it all in. Process it. And wait to hear the rest before giving their thoughts, if they give their thoughts at all. Sometimes, it’s just about being that sounding board you need to keep it movin’.
  4. Drop ideas. They’re brainstormers and idea generators. They want to see you win and will add their thoughtful feedback to help.
  5. Criticize. They give you the constructive feedback you need to readjust, reinvent, drop it, or whatever works. They don’t hold back. They tell it like it is because that’s what you need.
  6. Console. They pick you up, hug you, and love you through it all, in their own way. That might be actual hugs or help with your business or home life while you’re down or in the thick of things.
  7. Remind. They keep you honest about your purpose and vision. Whether through words or actions, they keep you focused on your “why”. At the first sign of trouble, they aren’t the ones screaming “Abandon ship!” They’re helping you bail water and plugging up the holes to keep the boat afloat so you can get to your destination and light up the world in your way.
  8. Encourage. They’re your prize winning cheer squad. They live an optimistic, positive life and are always looking for the opportunities, the good lessons to help you move forward in any situation.

Keep your Rockstar Peeps close!



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