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It’s all about the WOOSAH baby!


The other day I was having one of those phenomenal days. You know, right? It was one of those days when I was firing on all cylinders in the brightest, boldest, and best of ways. It was the kind of day when nothing could go wrong and everything was going right and in my favor. I woke up with a healthy and happy family, was invited to Barbados to run a yoga retreat, my morning yoga classes were full and spirited, I had a perfect lunch with my great friend pastry Chef Christine (developing Valentine’s Day brioche recipes so stay tuned for taste testing), and Bruce Almighty was set to cook a romantic dinner that night (Thanks Blue Apron!).  Yep, it was definitely one of those days. But, funny enough, it took me almost until the end of the day to really realize what was happening.

The “aha moment” came while on the the local 6 train headed to midtown New York for my last class of the evening. I was running late, or so my ego mind tried to convince me. I got to the station and the train was there. Perfect! But, still the whole “local” thing was a problem when I needed to go 80 blocks to get to my studio. So, long story short, I sat down. Closed my eyes. Took a few breaths and saw it! I realized at that moment, that I was absolutely in rockin’ control of that day, that moment, and, hell yeah, that train! And so I claimed it, calmly, out loud. “This train is going express to my stop.” Then I smiled. Seconds later, the conductor came on and announced “Ladies and gentlemen, this train will be going express to 42 street.” WOOSAH!

The urban dictionary defines WOOSAH as “to calm down; to relax”. But, I actually first heard the word a couple of months ago from my sister Amber’s boyfriend. When he first met me, he hugged me, smiled and said with all of his energy “Oh! You’re the WOOSAH sister!” So, since, I didn’t know the word, I took it to mean that I was a “Super Hero Powerful Goddess”.  So, I’m claiming that as my new definition. Why not?

On my WOOSAH day, I was reminded once again that it’s not magic. We can, in fact, have that kind of day everyday. I was reminded through the breath and that mindful moment of stillness on the train, that we absolutely are in control of our positive thoughts, our attitude, our love, our abundance, our everything. That basically, we can speed up or slow down the train anytime we want. I was, most importantly, reminded that the Universe conspires to support us and is working in our favor always.

You deserve to feel the power of your WOOSAH baby! So, here’s 3 tips for you so that you can tap in now:

  • Tune In – Get still for a moment or two or twenty. Close your eyes and get connected to your breath. When you’re in your flow (and your WOOSAH), the breath is full and without constriction.
  • Realize it’s not magic. It’s YOU! – We like to use words and phrases like “OMG I’m so lucky!”, “You’ll never guess what happened!”, and so on. Listen loves, this is not rabbit out of a hat stuff. You bring the Super Hero Powerful God/Goddess to the table and you are the one who can move mountains!
  • When you get it, go Bigger! – Don’t let your ego talk you into believing this is a one-time, happenstance occurrence of abundance, 0f light, or phenomenal offering. Nonsense! When you see it, that WOOSAH in you, ask for something bigger of the Universe. You deserve it and no one benefits from your playing small.

Off to another WOOSAH day!

Tell me about your own WOOSAH day in the comments below!



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