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Impossible Isn’t A Thing

Notice how often you use the word “impossible”.
Notice how often your current tribe uses the word “impossible”.
It’s a word that resonates through you and tells the Universe “No thanks! You can keep all of the really good stuff. I’ll just sit over here and watch Netflix.” But, the truly funny thing is that it’s not a thing. It’s a mindset. So if that’s the case and we can control our mind and our thoughts, we can release it and get on with the gettin’ on of our Awesome Life. Nice!
All you have to do is look around at all of the things we use today, the lives we’re living today, and the inventions on the horizon. Nothing is impossible, unless you believe it, you don’t work for it, and you decide that you don’t deserve it. 
Awesome Life Tips:
  • Whenever you’re tempted to use the word, exchange it for “That’s interesting” or “I wonder what would happen if…” or a head nod or “That could work if…” See where I’m going with this?
  • Whenever anyone in your tribe uses the word, first, ignore it. Simply ignore it. Or, scream “False” in your head. Or, smile, and walk away. Or, daydream about the possibilities. Or, just go out and get to work getting it done (That’s the ultimate!). Next, think about who’s in your tribe. Are you surrounded by those who hang out in Impossible Land? Maybe it’s time to expand your tribe vibe and seek the energy of people who believe in their power (and yours), who are creating, who are manifesting, who are sharing their Possibility Light. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to ditch all of your family and friends. Just expand. Meet new people who are rockin’ it and stop asking advice or getting counsel from those who haven’t done it, don’t want to do it, and are cozy in the Zone of Comfort.

Say it with me “Impossible isn’t a thing.”

Now say this with me “The possibilities are endless!”


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