Happy New Year + “Rock Your Resolutions” Meditation Challenge


Happy New Year!!!!! I’m jumping for joy that 2016 is here and so ready to rock it! How about you? Now’s the time to set your Breathe Big. Live Bigger volume on high, see the life you deserve, and go out and get it!

So on this first day of the year, I’m proposing a “Rock Your Resolutions” Meditation Challenge (Stick with me, I’m going somewhere cool with this.). Here’s how it goes:

  • Sit down.
  • Get Still.
  • Listen to your breath.
  • See fear, worry, stress, and all of their buddies knocking on your mental door with a bag of chips and and a six pack and still keep breathing and seeing your humongous, amazing “I can do anything I want” light!
  • See your goals.
  • See your dreams.
  • See your most amazing life.
  • Meditate on that!

Not sure how to get started with your stillness/meditation practice? Check out“The 5-Minute Meditation Challenge” previous post for a kick start.

About Tracye

Known for her motivational mantras and joyful practice, Tracye Warfield puts the play in yoga and yummy food. Tracye began practicing yoga in 1999, when she first hobbled onto the mat after a long and achy marathon. Ten years later, she walked away from a successful career in corporate America to start living the life she was meant to live. Currently, she teaches Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Hatha, and Pilates in studio classes, workshops, online, with private clients, and at her bytracye yoga.yummy food retreats throughout the U.S. and internationally.

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