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Happy Merry Ho Ho + BIG NEWS!

At 3am this morning, Bruce Almighty woke me up with his usual “Goodbye Love Ya Off To Work” kiss (which I adore BUT want to cry at the same time because it’s so early!) and, in my blur of the moment I asked excitedly “Is today Christmas?!” Now, Bruce plants a great kiss, but I’m pretty sure I was more excited about the idea of a super chill day of hanging out in PJs, sipping something with a little kick, getting Sasha’s excited call & rundown of gifts received, making family calls, cuddling, and doing a whole bunch of blissful nothing, while the fake yule log burns on Channel 11 TV.

Alas, we’ve got a few more days to go! 🙂

I hope you’re looking forward to sharing your holiday traditions with loved ones and friends. And, a big THANK YOU for all of your good wishes for me and my family. We feel the love!

Here’s wishing you and your fabulous peeps a Merry Happy Ho Ho! Oh! And please do tell me how you celebrate in the comments below!


Look who’s coming to CRUNCH in 2016!



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