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Go With Your Gut. It Knows The Way.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I feel it in my gut.”

Ever had that nauseous feeling, that little voice (or in my case a screaming voice) calling out from the inner pits of your soul, that ringing in your ears, or that “something’s just gotta give” feeling? That’s your gut sounding the alarm that you’re rolling in a space that doesn’t lift or serve you and your life’s purpose. But, maybe you’ll just write it off as stress or hangry or something like that, right?

It’s time to start paying attention to and following your gut when it cries out. Gut feel good? More than likely life is good. Gut feel bad? Probably life is bad. And yet, sometimes we continue to try to adjust, fix, or worse, just wait “it” out.

What if you decided to be besties with that gut feeling?

What if we decided to let our guts weigh in on the situation along side with our very important rationale? How would that play out? Well, let’s give that conversation a little look, shall we?

Gut: “Uh. Hey. Not feeling so good about this situation. Maybe we should rethink this thing.”

Rationale: “Well, wait just a minute now. Let’s look at all of the facts and make sure that this makes the most sense. Where’s my spreadsheet?”

Gut: “Right. Hmmm. Well, this doesn’t feel so hot and I checked in with our buddy little fear and it’s not because of him. So, I’m thinking we should consider a more aggressive plan of attack.”

Rationale: “Whoa! Attack is a strong word! Let’s breathe and look at it from all angles.”

Gut: “Yes, let’s breathe. Breathing over here. Tummy aching, head pounding, but breathing over here. Getting still and asking for guidance too. Inhale. Exhale. Ugggh. Inhale. Exhale. Ugggh.”

Rationale: “Ok. I see you’re struggling. What’s your pitch? We both want to get to that place of Awesome. So, how do you see this playing out.”

Gut: “Hold tight. Still breathing over here…Ok…I say we check back in with our values or mission and make sure that we’re still on the right path. If we’re off track I say we change course and fast!”

Rationale: “Hmmm. One minute. Checking my spreadsheet…Ok..Well, how about if we compromise? We’re off track but what options do we have besides a complete bail out. Let’s explore.”

Gut: “Right! Agreed. Explore options…while breathing and popping an antacid…exploring. But, I’m thinking it’s time to correct course. It’s been a minute now of spreadsheeting. Trust me on this one. We’ll be fine.”

Rationale: “This make absolutely no sense, but I’m going to trust you on this because you’re all connected with our heart and life’s purpose and such. Now, how do we make this change of course work for us and those we love and serve.”

Gut: “Awesome! So glad you’re feeling my vibe. Let’s schedule sometime to sit down together. We can look at best practices from other times in our life where we’ve course corrected. What worked? What didn’t work? We can even check-in with our Rockstar Peeps and ask for guidance. We can also remember the times that we’ve stepped out on faith and a knowing that there’s something bigger for us. And finally, we can know that we are loving, talented, smart, and that the Universe is always on our side; especially when we keep showing up to do the work that brightens us and others. Cheers to partnering on a course correction Roadmap, next steps, and no more sleepless nights!”

I believe that gut feeling is our life barometer. If we listen it will help to keep us true to who we really are and how we can best rock this life.

Does that mean we should always leap? Maybe. Or maybe not. Truly, it does mean taking a moment to sit, breathe, and have that internal conversation. Let it play out. Follow it and see where it leads. What I’ve found is that more often than not, if you’re really listening, it will redirect you towards your true destiny.

What do you think?

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