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Getting Started Step #1: Decide To Start

Getting started can be tough sometimes. I get it.

It took me three years to start writing my first book, Experience Dinner (even though I had an outline and folks cheering me on). It took several years after college to start eating better and getting my body fit (even though I was sluggish, tired and could barely fit into my jeans –which I thought “barely” was a win). Add another few years for…Well, you get the picture, right?

With years of evaluating and working on my start game, I’ve noticed something about non-starts and why we hang out there:

When we don’t decide to start, we don’t start.

We may think about starting and then move right past that to all of the things that we’ll need to prepare for the start. And, then we’ll scurry on to what will happen after we start. Then, we’ll quickly dash over to little fear’s favorite – -how hard, boring, unrealistic, etc. – – it will be to have started.

But still…no decision to start.

We’re Rockstar Superheroes with will and determination to do anything we set our minds to. Look around. Look at all of the people, places, things, experiences, you’ve decided to manifest or “start” in your life.  The mind is powerful.  And…

Getting your head in the game first, is the jumpstart!

So, today, after moving your body, and getting still for a moment to set your intention Rockstar, take a look at your To Thrive list and decide to start. It’s your very short list of the 3-5 actions you’ll take to move yourself forward in this Awesome Life. Your To Thrive list replaces that To Do list of 50 things, 40 of which you probably won’t decide to do…ever.

What actions come next?  You’ll decide.

Take a peak at my Wednesday Whaaat? from this week’s inspiration vids on “Deciding to Start” and be sure to leave a comment here or there on what you’ve decided to start today!

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