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Head Up, Crown On Straight: 3 Reminders That You’re Winning

Every now and then we all need a little boost.

Scrap that. Everyday, we all need a big boost. It’s good for the soul.

The past few months have been a load of wild transitions, changes in plans, new countries, setbacks, setups, suitcases, planes, trains, and automobiles. Literally. It happens when you’re evolving and growing. And, it’s just enough craziness to leave any queen’s crown crooked, right?

Bowing down to the Universe for yoga, meditation, my inspired work for you, avocados and kale, ride or die fam and friends, and, of course, Black Panther. They lift me. That said, I’ve also developed a simple daily “You’re Winning” reminder list of three things that helps to keep me grateful and motivated as I walk or leap towards my vision of helping you live your most abundant life. Use it freely!

  • Whew! You’re still breathing! One of my new friends reminds me all of the time “If all you do today is breathe, you’re winning.” Right???!!!! Seriously, when you’re growing through it, there may be times when all you can do is eek in an inhale and barely let go of an exhale. WINNING! Just keep doing that over and over again. Eventually, stuff changes and you move on to your next win. You see, the fact that you’re still breathing means that you’ve got some good stuff left to give, receive, learn, and love.
  • You created something…anything today. Whether it’s your version of a gluten-free vegan no-nut butter and sugar-free jelly sandwich or a new presentation for work, you’re still manifesting. You’ve still got the juice! It might be feel hella hard or even exhausting but your brain is still working. You’re still figuring things out and making mini or large moves. Ten points for you!
  • You still got your vision and faith for the future. Ok, so maybe it’s not completely clear. Things are a bit haywire in your world. But you know that you know there’s something, somewhere, someone, amazing in your future. You still wake up with fire, even if it’s just smoldering. That’s enough. You know that you were born to show up, show out , and rock this life. You can see it. You can feel it. Whew! Winning.

Crowns on straight. Go get your life!

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