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Your First Thought Is The Winner: Go With It!

I was lying on my yoga mat in the last “do nothing” pose, Savasana not really letting go, instead mentally ticking things off of my To Thrive list in my head, and thinking about lunch, when a random thought crossed my mind about a new service to offer. “That’s an amazing idea!” I thought. But, immediately little fear and it’s cousin doubt chimed in with “That’s dumb, nobody will like it, and it’s way too hard. Forget about it!”

This happens to all of us. I’m talking about those times when you get those gems of wisdom, advice, creative juju love from the Universe. It’s those moments when you get so excited about ideas, only to have them deflated by the Negative Nellie bunch in your mind.

What if you decided to go with it?

What if you decided to trust that first thought today and run with it? As long as it comes from a place of love of self and service to others, grab it and do it. It may be that thing that takes you and your Awesome Life to the next level. Or, it may be a flat out fail. So what! You took action in the direction of your dreams. You decided to trust yourself and that voice within you that knows the way. That’s a win!

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