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Fear isn’t the boss of you!

I’ve got a good relationship with “little fear”. It goes a little something like this…

I’m the boss! You work for me. 

It’s been a life long, daily practice of not letting fear dictate the who, what, when, and where of my life. And with that practice, I’ve been blessed to:

-Fall in love 
-Travel the world
-Rock a highly successful corporate career…
-Release said career and become a yoga instructor and wellness consultant…
-and start my own business…
-Speak and cheer on thousands worldwide
-Climb mountains (Hello! I’m terrified of heights!)
-Jump off cliffs into the ocean (Hello! Again…terrified of heights …and deep ocean water!)
-Write and self publish books
-Face hardship, Wall Slides, and heartbreak and…

little fear is none too pleased with any of this. But, it doesn’t get a voice.

That said, I’m not on a high mountain, and, yes, there are moments and days when it tries, really hard, to get the best of me. But, my practice brings me back to my power real fast! I’m in control of my life and so are you. And, if you want to live it fully and out loud…

Being scared ain’t gonna cut it!

So, I want to share my practice with you! Because, Rockstars don’t hang out in the dark place with little fear and its’ friends. We’ve got better things to do, experiences to have, and people to love and serve, right?

My #1 practice Tip is …(drumroll, please)…you guessed it! Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. It changes your whole perspective when you deliberately tune into your breath. You get grounded and clearer. You can see things for what they truly are.

I’ve got 5 more Tips for you to check out on my podcast so check it out:

Breathe Go Flow with Tracye Warfield   Episode 9: 6 Rockstar Tips to Deal with Fear is up! 

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Love you and cheering for you! 

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Tracye Warfield is an inspiration expert and wellness industry leader who coaches people to rock their best lives via her motivational talks, workshops, international retreats, yoga classes, articles, blogs, books, and products. Although a native Californian, she called New York her second home for many years, and now travels the globe serving up her Breathe Big Live Big message to the world.

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