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Are You As Excited To Help Others As A Five-Year-Old?


My friend’s five-year-old pretty much summed up the whole “helping others” deal the other day, when she eagerly asked to help wash the dinner dishes.

“I like helping! I feel really good when I help people. And, you’re supposed to!” she exclaimed in her sweet five-year-old way.

Yes, we are lovely. Yes, we are supposed to help people. And, we’re supposed to be excited about it.

Sometimes we forget the most basic thing about being human. That is, that we are here to be of service to one another, cheer each other on, and lift each other up by the bootstraps as we all move through this wild ride together. And, it should bring us joy to do so.

Now, I’m not saying that showing up for someone else should always be fun, interesting, and not hard. Most of the time it’s work. It’s a commitment of time and energy. And, it’s not about you. Oh! Hit a nerve. Yeah, it’s not about you. And, I totally get how  that makes your head hurt sometimes. I’ve been a “helper complainer” too many times to speak of (Not proud of it, but truth!). I mean, you’ve got a million things you want to do and achieve. You’ve got your own dreams and needs. I get it. I totally get it. But, a five-year-old would probably ask “Well, how come you can’t do your stuff and help other people with their stuff?”

The answer is that we can.

It takes paying attention (that means looking up from our screens from time to time). It takes listening to that gut feeling that encourages us to reach out, step up, or dive in. It takes breathing through and seeing through all the whirly thoughts in our head that scream “Me! me! me!”. It takes letting down our guard so that we can offer up and take in the love that comes from service.

My sweet bonus niece may be yet a baby, but she’s figured out the whole vibe of this Awesome Life (Good job Mom!). And, I bet you have (or will!) to. Happy to help!

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