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Do You Even Believe It’s Possible?

Happy Almost New Year Rockstars!

…now come the resolutions.

Are you ready? Have you decided to make a change – -a load of changes? Well, before you start writing your list of To Thrive actions (because you should write them down…every day…twice a day), may I offer this…

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. See it. Feel it. Believe it’s possible.

…because if you don’t believe in the possibilities, you’re sunk before you start. Truth.

Here’s my take on pumping up your belief muscles:

  • Get quiet. Get still. Ask for directions. Put this on repeat! It’s so important to get clear on what you want, where you’re going, and the actions you need to take to get there (btw…forget about “how”…that’s the Universe’s business). Clarity is one of the key’s to hushing little fear, doubt and all of their cronies who try to mess with your progress and puffing up your “I believe!” chest.
  • Write and Speak your resolutions. There’s power in physically documenting your aspirations, dreams, and goals. Oh yeah, and saying them out loud is like an extra “Boom! I got this!”
  • Check your Belief Tribe. Do you hang out with Rockstar Peeps who believe? These are your friends, family, mentors, who believe not only in you and your dreams but their own.

Know this! I believe in you and this is going to be your year!

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