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The team at Casper Mattress, a new sleep start up specializing in memory foam mattresses, asked me to share my in bed yoga poses with you. “I’m always saying in my classes “Rest is underrated. It makes us all nicer!” That said, in my house, getting good, regular sleep can be a little tricky. With varied work, school, and activity schedules there has to be a mindful commitment to getting to bed and getting that much needed rest, whatever the time of day.

Whether it’s a quick nap or a shutdown the shop, done for the night, lights out sleep, it’s pretty common for me to wind down with a few yoga poses in bed (even more common when Bruce is away or before he settles in so I can have my run of the bed). I find for me that twists, a little hip opening and a nice deep forward bend help to rinse away and let go of whatever doesn’t serve a restful sleep.

Be sure to find your own flow. Do what feels good in your body and on your bed. Happy Sleeping and Namaste!

Note: These photos were taken in the middle of the day when I usually try to get a nap. For the sake of light, we kept the blinds open. No worries, post pics, the blinds went down and off to sleep I went! Yay me!

photos by Bruce Dunkins



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