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Do The Thing You Dream

This morning I had my first phone meeting with my editor. Wait! What? Editor?

I’ve been dreaming of writing another book for the past six years and have allowed every excuse in the book (excuse the pun) to stop me. You know the favorites:

  • I don’t have time. This is ripe, as I am known for making time to do absolutely anything and everything I want to do because life is short and all. Nonsense, right?
  • I’m no expert. Who’ll read it? Ummm, I’ve written a book before AND people read it AND I wasn’t an “expert”.  Next!
  • I don’t know how. For real? This one? Ok, true, I’m no novelist (yet!), but I did write a book before and, no, it wasn’t a bestseller, but I figured it out. It’s called, research, mentors, talented friends and colleagues who know what they’re doing, and the passion to get it done.
  • I’m scared. Now that’s keeping it real! Yep, I knew it. fear (in lowercase because that’s what it deserves) is a liar, for sure. And, so much about walking through it is seeing it and calling it out for the big ol’ rotten liar that it is.

Now that we’ve established that I was freaked out of my mind by fear. How did I make that call this morning? Well, I just did it. Truly, it was as simple as that. I took a deep breath and just did it. Because, to not do it was to be cheated and to have another true offering that I so desire to give to others, dashed by little fear. Not gonna happen!

To “Do the thing you dream” you have to practice walking with and through fear. It’s a moment by moment, daily thing. You show up, Breathe Big and Live Big. See fear, look it in the eye, and decide to press the mute button. “No voice today little fear.” And then you continue walking. To practice this you have to first practice knowing your power and that you were born deserving of all the joy, light, and abundance that the Universe has for you. You’ve got this!

Stay tuned for more on my new book and remember, I’m cheering for you! Do the thing you dream!


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