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Create Your Own Frenzy-Free Zone

If you’re like me you love the holidays. And, maybe, like me, the frenzy of it all – shopping, family gatherings, cookie making (or cookie buying in my case), travel, etc. – – can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming.

So, maybe this year you decide to save some physical and mindful space to just chill out and enjoy. How about that for a concept? Enjoy the holidays. Yes, please. Right?!

Frenzy-Free Zone Tips:

  • State or write your purpose. I’m all about starting with a purpose and flowing from there. What brings you the most joy? How can you integrate more of that into the season. Do it yourself or with your family. You still have time!
  • Find your quiet spot and mark it. Wherever you are or will be for the holidays, designate a space where you know you can just be, sit, relax, uninterrupted, and take it all in (or release) in the way you need and that allows you peace and joy in the moment.
  • Move something! Don’t skip your workouts! Whatever you’ve decided to do (and I know you’ve decided, right?) to get your body right, keep doing it. Movement helps to prevent and release stress. So keep it moving!
  • Breathe. Remember to love. That’s really all that matters. Enough said.

Oh! And by the way, you can use these tips every single day. Frenzy, stress, and all that jazz is overrated and doesn’t serve Rockstar!

Happy Holidays!

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