Can We Please Stop Using The Word “stuck”?

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I’m starting a petition to remove the word “stuck” from the dictionary. Who’s with me?

The dictionary defines the “s” word as:

stuck (verb)


  1. past and past participle of stick (v).
  2. synonyms: fixed, fastened, attached, glued, pinned. 

This week alone I’ve heard this word used in at least ten conversations as a noun. It would seem that many of us have bought into the “s” word as a person, place, or thing. It’s something real. It’s tangible. We can live in it, have brunch with it, and carry it in our bags. False. So extra false. But, I get it. I’ve had dinner at the House of “s” before too.

I’ve come to realize that “s” doesn’t exist as long as we’re still breathing. You see it’s really difficult to be “fixed, fastening, attached, glued, and pinned” when you practice letting go, letting in, and flowin’ with this life.

Because, even in times that may seem complicated, challenging, or hard, you’ll know that if you keep breathing big, keep showing up, and taking action with the best of intentions, life will, indeed change.

I’m in love with this quote (aside from the “s” word)! The intention is dead on. Take it and run with it Rockstar!

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