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That’s A Wrap From Thailand: Breathe Go Flow Podcast Season #1

Thank you, thank you, thank you (Did I say “THANK YOU!”)!

I’m so excited to have put a bow on Season #1 of Breathe Go Flow podcast with 33 Episodes! I can honestly say, it’s an offering of straight up love and all of the light (and technological pseudo savviness :-)) I could conjure.

You know that I walk with positivity, but seriously, little fear had me going with this as it touched really (REALLY!) close to home. Sharing my personal journey, in order to, I hope, encourage and uplift you as you breathe like a champ, get on the mat of life, and in the practice of living boldly, unapologetically, unicorn-like, authentically out loud, wasn’t easy. Actually, it was super hard and humbling, because…

When you courageously put your truth out there, when you venture even further outside of the Zone of Comfort, you’re going to get judged. Oh yes, you are! Some people might think you’ve gone a little cray cray. Some might be skeptical and will sit on the sidelines, waiting to see if it’s another win or another Wall Slide before the pom poms come out. There will be whispers and you’ll get some flat out “unsubscribes” from your life.

It’s a part of the process of evolving, reinventing, blossoming into the you, you were born to be.

The best news is that it feels INCREDIBLE to manifest your passions from a place of love and in service to others. Nothing like it. So, I say bring it!

I’ve loved all of the feedback, the reviews, and the good vibes!

Review 3review1Review 2

Truly excited as I prepare, here in Thailand (Woosah!), for Season #2. The Flow continues and you can count on me to keep my “real” coming as I continue to grow and bump up this offering for you. So, I’d love to know what you want to hear more of, or less of , or something altogether different. We’re all taking these inhales and exhales together while we baby crawl, left right, or leap towards fabulous- – and I want your thoughts! So leave a comment or shoot me an email or leave a review or…however you want to holla’, just holla’.

You’ve got 33 juicy Episodes to download, play, review and share until Season #2 drops.

BreatheGOFlow Podcast Cover

But, in the meantime, to stay pumped, and reminded to “Keep breathing, stuff changes”, subscribe to my bytracye YouTube channel and join me for Sunday Boom!  – – Your weekly Sunday cheering session to get motivated to walk into Monday with the 3 A’s – Affirmation, Attitude, & Action.




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