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How “Breathe Big Live Big” was born

No one:

Me: How did I come up with “Breathe Big Live Big” you ask?

No one:

Me: Glad you asked! Well, when I was thinking about titles for my last book, I started thinking about my life – -how I’d always taken a deep breath and jumped into …well, almost everything. Even if I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Actually, especially if I didn’t know what I was doing, many of the times.

I’ve just never been afraid to fail if there was a chance to experience something, someone, somewhere different, learn something new – -if there was a chance to grow.

No one:

Me: Go on, you say? Sure! You see, I think I’ve always believed, even if I didn’t have the fancy slogan, that we are here to LIVE OUT LOUD. But, we get so caught up in our heads and the opinions of others, that we just hold our breath and settle. That’s not my game – -anymore.

No one:

Me: So that’s how the name was born. It’s my philosophy. Show up for your life BIG.

Take a chance on the life you dream.

Yes, you might fail a few times…actually you will fail many times. But, you’ll always win…in love, experiences, and spirit.

No one:

Me: You’re welcome! I love you!


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