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Breathe Big Live Big is a self-help book for people who are ready to start, or restart, rocking the Awesome Life of their dreams right now!

In this how-to guide, inspiration expert and wellness industry leader, Tracye Warfield offers 22 advice-filled chapters with her funny, at times poignant, inspiring true life stories, tips, exercises, and takeaways on how to show up big and bold to each moment. You’ll:


  • Discover what’s keeping you from being a rock star superhero and living the Awesome Life you deserve.


  • Learn or relearn how to breathe and get still, so that you can get clear on what you want and who you want to serve.


  • Create an Awesome Life plan that keeps you excited and focused on achieving your wildest dreams.


By the end of Breathe Big Live Big you’ll recognize what’s holding you back from being your most fabulous self, release what doesn’t serve, tap into the strength and genius your were born with, and have the strategies to step or leap forward into your greatness.

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* This item will be released and shipped on September 30, 2017.