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The Best Gift You Can Give This Holiday Season

“I’m giving my mom a little clock. It’s really just a symbol of the true gift – -more of my time.”

There I was, thinking about what thing I could give my parents for Christmas (Hmmm, maybe an upgraded NutriBullet?) when a friend of a friend dropped that on me. In essence…

Give the gift of more time, attention, and presence.

It’s perfect. It’s the absolute perfect gift. And, what an amazing time and opportunity to gift a recommitment to who and what matters most to us in our lives. So, I’m challenging you, Rockstar Peeps. As the spotlight is heavier on giving this time of the year, take a pause. Maybe along with that NutriBullet, you can entertain the idea of offering yourself, your love, your service, your offering, and your time.

Happy Holidays!

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