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Behind the Scenes: Solstice & International Day of Yoga in Times Square

Another year, another summer as webcast co-host and VOG (Voice of God) for Solstice in Times Square: Athleta “Mind Over Madness” Yoga. And, what a day it was!

Bruce Almighty and I woke up early that Sunday morning to a steady light rain with a forecast of thunderstorms all day. Not good! We really were unsure if all of the 15,000 registered yogis and yoginis would even step foot onto the mats to practice. But, Mother Nature, decided to offer up the sun and the heat, at least for most of the day (Sorry for the down pour Rodney & Colleen!).

It’s a 14-hour day for me (and Bruce who never stops snapping away) of instructor and sponsor interviews, announcements, introductions, etc. But, this year, I actually had the chance to get on the mat and practice with co-founder of the event Douglass Stewart. During his practice thousands of us paused to join dignitaries and co-founder of the event and Times Square Alliance President Tim Tompkins at the United Nations, live via satellite, to celebrate the first annual International Day of Yoga with one united pose. And following our practice, those same dignitaries and guests joined us in Times Square to share their thoughts on the day.

What a joy it is to be a part of something as special as this event. It really doesn’t get old for me. I’m always so excited to greet the day, show up to “work” to talk about yoga, talk to yogis and yoginis, and to share the message that yoga and the joy it brings to mind, body, and spirit is so very cool. Oh yeah, and to share that New York rocks!

I could go on, but really, Bruce’s photos tell the story better than I ever could. Enjoy the photo gallery as much as we did the day!

And, if you missed it you can still check out the interviews and classes at Solstice in Times Square Webcast. Also, if you were there or watched the webcast, would love to hear what you thought of the experience in the comments below.

Happy Summer!

Check out the live webcast highlights at Solstice in Times Square Live Webcast

Photo Credit: Bruce Dunkins Photography

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