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Your Awesome Life Is Calling – Answer these 10 questions!

The life you dream is absolutely available to you today! But, if you find yourself feeling off course or completely lost, I totally get it! Been there. Done that. So, to right the ship, you need to map a new a course. Get a new plan or revise an old, outdated one.

Get back to basics and ask yourself these 10 questions:

  1. What’s my mission or purpose? Take time to sit with this and get clear what is it that you want to do, who you want to serve, and where you want to go with this life. It doesn’t have to be set in stone. It will evolve as you do. But, write it down. No mission or purpose, no Awesome Life. You’ll just be throwing darts in the dark and hoping you hit your target. Snore.
  2. What talents, experiences, offerings, etc. do I have right now that will support my journey? This is where you get to brag about you. You get to call out how fabulous you are today, and what you can lend to your new Awesome Life right now. Not sure? Ask your super supportive, pom poms up, critical with love, family, friends, colleagues, etc.
  3. What are my family goals, i. e. marriage, kids, single and rockin’ it, etc.? Get specific. Remember the Universe is listening and taking copious notes and loves to give us what we ask for.
  4. Where do I see myself in 1-3 years? Where do I live? Who do I live with? What is my career? Who are my friends? What does my money look like? How am I serving others?
  5. Where do I see myself in 10 years? Reminder: GO BIG and be as specific as you can. Remember, you’ll continue to update this baby as you need. For now, go with your gut. Before you answer this get still, breathe and then ask the question. Ask the question out loud. Then, listen for the answers. The Universe is constantly whispering, and sometimes screaming, at us. You just have to make yourself available to hear it.
  6. What is my negative drama relationship with money OR positive “Money rocks!” relationship? And, how, if at all, would I like to change that relationship? Get real with this and call out any and all issues. I’ve learned, and am still learning, that our relationship with money has a direct positive or negative effect on how we live this life. And, it’s time, right now, today, to stop with all the negative money vibes. It will get you nowhere fast and you are on a journey to build a future that serves not only you but those you love and cherish. So, get your head in the game already! Love you and you’re welcome!
  7. Who are my support peeps and how can they help? It’s time to reality check yourself on the people you spend the most time around. Think “big picture”. Who are your future mentors, people who’ll get the word out, investors, digital media masterminds, marketing gurus, etc. Who are the people that really light up the room in their own special way or who you go to when you need a good hug…because you may need a few good hugs on this journey for sure.
  8. What skills or further education do I need right now? And, how do I get them? If you’re planning to jumpstart your Awesome Life, it’s time to get schooled. Regardless of whatever countless degree or titles you may or may not have, it’s time to expand your options by expanding your mind.
  9. What are my rockstar family and friends doing? Here me now: “You do not need to recreate the wheel…all of the time.” What I mean by this is look at the people you know that have a plan and are working it to move their lives forward in the most brilliant and fabulous ways – -ways that serve them and their communities. If it’s working, ride the wave! Cozy up to your friends or family, take copious notes, shadow them, get their tea or coffee, barter your services for their time and feedback. They are moving in the direction you want to go – -and more than likely are happy to help and cheer you on. You just have to ask. Poms poms up!
  10. What are 3 things I can do today, right now, to jump start my Awesome Life journey? This Awesome Life thing requires action. No, really. Stop with the sitting, dreaming, wishing only nonsense. It’s time to commit to action. Can you dedicate ten minutes today to draft your purpose statement? Can you call one of the peeps on your support list and ask for help? Can you sign up for the class/workshop/seminar?

One of my favorite quotes says it best:

No one is coming to save you. This life of yours is 100% your responsibility

Time to get to work!

 Stay tuned for my  upcoming book Breathe Big. Live Big. : “A Starter Guide For Your Awesome Life!” Summer 2017.

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